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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to the Books!

Hello everyone, Chris here!

It's been several months since my last post to The Brain Show blog and there's a good reason for that. My travels since the end of the school year have taken me to Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Connecticut and all over New York! It's been a busy summer on the road and in the the Brain Show office!

Lots of hard work and dedication go into The Brain Show every year. This year is no exception. With new questions, sound clips and dances, we are all very excited for this upcoming school year. Don't forget to call our office toll free to find out information on bringing The Brain Show to your school or function. Jeff and Beverly will be very happy to hear from our current clients and even speak to those who would like to become part of The Brain Show Family!

The new school year is upon us and you may be asking, "What is new with The Brain Show this year?" Let me tell you some fun and exciting changes! We start with a new set design and back drop! Special thanks to Arielle for her hard work and dedication in the "hand" drawing of this new feature! In previous years you may have collected the "Brain Show Maniac" medal. A new medal is here and we are excited to roll it out this upcoming school year. If you are chosen as a contestant to participate in the first round of The Brain Show, you will have the chance to win a new Brain Show Tee-Shirt!

Thanks to all of our friends and family who have had The Brain Show at your school year after year. We look forward to providing you with quality "Education Entertainment". Don't forget to call the office after your schools performances and ask about our "Loyalty Lock-In".

Call toll free at: 1-877-676-9741
Visit us at: www.TheBrainShow.com

I hope to be out on the road and get the chance to see some familiar faces and meet some new friends. Thanks again and see you soon!


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Education Vacation!

Hey everyone, Chris here again. Sorry for the delay in postings but we have been VERY busy on the road and traveling all over the United States bringing our Educational Assemblies to different parts of the Country! After my vacation in March, I have been busy with performing, training, and producing our new assembly for the next school year. Exciting and new things are coming to "The Brain Show" for the 2010-2011 School year!
You still have time to book your show for this school year as well as the Summer Camp Season! Even though the school year ends, "The Brain Show" continues to travel and perform throughout the summer at various places. It's a non-stop job of fun and excitement!
A special thanks to Arielle for her hard work and dedication in creating a "new" Brain Show T-Shirt as well as working on the design of next years set for our show. Jeff and Beverly are constantly keeping busy in the office with marketing and creating a new website that will include a spot for purchasing "Brain Show" merchandise! Did you hear that? You are now going to be able to purchase "Brain Show" medallions and T-Shirts online as well as other fun exciting things!
Keeping busy with training, Chris, our new host, is learning quickly and is very excited to become part of our Brain Show Family! We are always expanding and looking for new hosts to travel on the road and take our program to new parts of the Country. Speaking of taking the show to different parts of the United States, I have to give a big shout out to my new friends in Texas! What a fun and exciting 10 day trip I took. The weather was a cool 98 degrees! Actually it was warm and nice. So nice I even had some time to myself to lay by the pool and try to catch a few rays of sun! What a beautiful trip it was.
So here's to you, our loyal fans and friends of "The Brain Show"! May our paths meet again and be filled with many memories, laughs and cheers! See you all soon!


PS. When booking "The Brain Show", be sure to mention Code: (C01) for your chance to have me perform at your venue!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung

While traveling here and there on the road, I have noticed a definite change in temperature! Things are looking good! On my recent travels the temperature hit a nice 78 degrees! I was about to break out my swim suit, shorts and tank top until I realized....we are still in March! Hopefully this trend will continue!
Special thanks to Diane, Toni and Brian for having me back again this year to your schools! What a great school district and great group of kids that you have. It's always fun to be in your area.
As we continue to train our new hosts, The Brain Show is always looking for fun, exciting and energetic people to join our wonderful family! Jeff, Beverly, Chris, Arielle and Chris R. want to thank you for thinking of us as we bring The Brain Show to many schools across the United States! Exploring new areas is always fun to do!
Don't forget you still have time to book your show for the 2010-2011 school year. Our phones have been ringing off the hook and Jeff and Beverly have been VERY busy in the office keeping up with contracts and phone calls. I would like to thank them for all of the hard work that they do for us and for the company. It's nice to be involved in such a tight-knit family environment!
Thanks to Arielle for all of the hard work that you do. Training for months and now traveling on the road, bringing top-notch assemblies to schools across the Country! Your hard work and dedication is GREATLY appreciated.
It's finally time for me to take some time off and recharge my batteries. I am looking forward to taking a week of vacation next week and spending some time with my Family and Friends. Don't worry though, The Brain Show will always be on my mind.

Did you know:

Chris has been with Magic Touch Entertainment (on and off) for 18 years?
Chris worked in the Entertainment department at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida?
Chris traveled with the "New Dawn Singers" for 4 years also performing school assemblies around the country?
Chris is the oldest of 3 kids and has 2 sister, both of whom are teachers, and a cat named Miss Lane?

Stay tuned for an update on vacation travels and excitement!


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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Brain Show wants YOU!

Hey everyone! Arielle here.

The Brain Show has been very busy lately between the five teams. Jeff & Beverly are gearing up for a few solid months of traveling cross country keynoting Conferences, School related shows and corporate events, along with many other exciting endeavors!
Chris has been on the road constantly, doing what he does best: hosting your favorite game show! (His energy is extremely contagious!) Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration.
Glenn & Steve also rocking the world on the road with their shows: well done gentlemen!

Just wanted to extend a few thanks to the schools I most recently visited: Rush ES, WestPenn ES, Tamaqua ES, PKC, BGPS, and Bayview PS! Holly & Rachel - Thank you for having us back again! Ann Marie & Kathy - it has been an absolute pleasure working with you! Thank you parents for all of your hard work!

Teachers, Adminstrators & Staff... our sincerest gratitude goes out to you as well! Thank you for your suggestions & questions that keep us on our toes. Without your input, the Brain Show would not be in the wonderful place it is today.

Brain Show Fun Fact:

All of the questions in the Brain Show are submitted by teachers, schools & hired professionals in the fields based on ages & curricula. The Brain Show staff then selects & organizes the material provided. We cover all major subjects along with many minor or elected subjects. Our material is on a constant cycle to remain fresh & up-to-date to give you, the fans of the Brain Show, the best experience possible.

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This blog has moved

We have updated our blog! This blog is now located in two locations for your easy viewing. You may view the blog here at http://www.thebrainshow.com/blog or at http://thebrainshow.blogspot.com/.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

On the Road again!

Hey everyone, Chris here......

Another week has gone by and more of that fun white stuff has fallen from the sky! Don't worry, one way or another The Brain Show will make it to your school!
My Travels this past week have taken me to some fun places to reunite with some familiar faces!
Thanks Center and Memorial schools as well as Jefferson, Estis and Memorial! A big shout out to Denise and Patty for having us back again this year at your schools!
Luckily this week I was out of the state of PA and on the road to avoid the massive snow storm(s) that have blanketed our area. As Jeff and Beverly try to dig their way out of the office (I believe over 2 feet of snow has fallen in the past week)they also have been very busy with rescheduling shows that have had to postpone until a later date! I would like to thank them for all that they do for us at The Brain Show. We are a close knit family who takes care of each other on a daily basis!
So hopefully the groundhog was not correct this year and winter will be over sooner than later!
We are also gearing up for another great summer with camps. Bookings are already coming in for July and August as well as many schools re-booking for the next school year! We are blessed to have such great clients and friends over the past years!
Keep watching for some fun and exciting facts about The Brain Show coming in my next post!
Stay safe and most of all stay warm!


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Friday, February 12, 2010

The Brain Snow... sorry, Show, Thanks YOU!

Hey everyone, it's Arielle!

Just wanted to send a shout out to all of my Catholic schools from last week:

M. Teresa Regional, Our Lady of Peace, Incarnation - St. James, Our Lady Mt. Carmel and St. Joseph... Thank you all very much for having me at your schools during such a joyous week!

A special shout out to Ms. Ferrick & the "houses" that competed for points at MTR: St. Aquinas took the round, followed closely by St. Seton & St. Jude. Congratulations to all of you!

Also, thank you to South Side Elementary's wonderful students and staff! You made my day very enjoyable, thank you to Mrs. Fowlkes & Mrs. Womack who answered my constant calls! Hope to see you soon for some family fun!

Everyone at the Brain Show appreciates your efforts & enthusiasm, especially when it comes to communication about wintry weather or other obstacles. We are here for YOU. The northeast has seen a tremendous amount of weather (record breaking in some places) in the past couple of weeks, we hope that you are safe and enjoying the beauty of nature!

Also an inter-office thank you to Chris and Jeff, who spent a great deal of time building my orange show! It looks (and works) fantastic!

Brain Show Fun Fact:

I mentioned that my show is orange; well it's not ALL orange... All of our shows are color coded according to host for organizational purposes.

PS I'm working on a new T-shirt design for the Brain Show, check back frequently for updates!

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